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Board of Directors

The Northtowne Arts Coalition is governed by the following board members.


President:  David L. Phillips

Dave Phillips graduated from Oak Park High School in 1976 and has lived in North Kansas City most of his life. The transmission of creative expression from wood, metal and other materials to that of stained glass was born in the early 1980’s in the garage of David’s parent’s house. By examining the works of glass artists throughout history, and learning from their expertise, David has established a style unique of his personality and character. Together with his wife Valerie Phillips, he has been co-owner and operator of Stained Glass Creations, LLC in North Kansas City since 1982.
David Phillips Complete Bio

Vice President:  


Treasurer:  Cassie Aiello

Cassie joined the Northtowne Arts Coalition’s Board of Directors in October 2014. As Treasurer of the Northtowne Arts Coalition, Cassie oversees all aspects of the organization’s finances, including the development and management of budgets, preparation of financial statements and reports to the Board. Cassie brings to the Northtowne Arts Coalition nearly ten years of public accounting and audit experience serving a variety of clients and industries. Today, Cassie is a Senior Financial Analyst at St. Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City.

Cassie is a Certified Public Accountant licensed in the states of Kansas and Missouri and holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Northern Illinois University.

Cassie has a love of art, tennis, running, and attending her children’s activities. Cassie resides in the Kansas City Metropolitan area with her husband and two sons.


Vice President:  Sheryl Godsy

Sheryl Godsy is a Creativity coach, a master “dabbler “and lifelong craft hoarder.   She is passionate about sharing her skills and encouraging others to unleash their creativity. Sheryl brings over 40 years of experience working as a coach, also leading workshops and creative experiences for both children and adults. She holds a Bachelor degree in Child and Family Development from the University of Missouri and graduate work in Adult and Continuing Education from Kansas State University.


Secretary:  Valerie Phillips

Valerie Phillips graduated from Park Hill High School and has lived in North Kansas City for 35 years. She is a self-taught stained glass artist. She and her husband, David Phillips have co-owned and operated Stained Glass Creations, creating custom one of kind pieces since 1982. Valerie manufactured custom glass for the retail business at 316 Armour Road until 1992, when the business was moved to their home in North Kansas City. Marketing, sales, manufacturing and bookkeeping for Stained Glass Creations became Valerie’s new job along with creating a new line of repurposed art from old glass plates and found objects.

Through a personal transformation 22 years ago, Valerie became passionate about teaching art for healing. From 2009 to 2011 she was given the opportunity to work hand in hand with the owner of Cradle of Love Healing Center in North Kansas City to develop those workshops. Valerie also served five years on the board of Heart to Heart.

Through the support from her partner and involvement into art for healing it would lead them to help co-found a non-profit, Northtowne Arts Coalition or better known as NAC. Valerie wanted to give back to her community and provide a vehicle for art for healing to grow. This is one of the driving forces behind the hard work to develop Northtowne Arts Coalition.  Valerie contributes her skills in marketing, entrepreneurship, love of design, and the ability to market what is not yet manifest—to sell the dream.  She works as a team member and team leader, evoking passion and drive to achieve NAC’s Mission and Vision.

Board Member At Large:  L.D. Herman

L.D. contributes to NAC his painting and drawing skills and his experience in project management, computer graphic and web design, and organization. He sees the NAC as an opportunity to create an arts community and to develop activities to support the many types of artistic expression in the Northland.

L.D. Herman’s Complete Bio


Board Member At Large:  Valerie Anderson

Valerie Anderson was raised in Soldotna, Alaska and took her first photograph in the 5th grade.  After taking some classes in the 1980’s in high school, she didn’t own a camera again until the mid 2000’s.  She rediscovered her love of photography after taking five free classes at the public library in Weston from a guy named Rudy.  Already fully immersed in volunteer work in the Kansas City metro, Valerie realized that she could couple her passion for humanitarian service with photography.  She has worked, refusing payment, with over 60 non-profits to record their good works in communities throughout the world.

Consultant:  Heather Collinsworth


Heather Collinsworth is an artist, teacher, art director and art broker in Kansas City. She started art at a very young age, following in her mother Gwendolyn’s footsteps. Her mother and family always encouraged her love of the arts throughout her life.

Heather was placed in advanced placement art education at her highschool and went on to attend UMKC and the University of Colorado. She found herself in the underground art scene, where her love of spray paint and techno music had a home with other artists. She was involved in art movement shows like Pancakes and Booze, RAW and Chocolate and Art. Street Art mixed with classical painting and printmaking became her style. She worked on Art Projects for Amnesty International Campaigns, Organizations Against Sex trafficking, helping ex-sex workers heal through art and veterans with PTSD. Along with this, Heather worked with Children on the spectrum with Autism.

She studied Gallery curation under Abbas Kahjeaian of the Kashi Kari Gallery in Denver. She was a part of Galleries in the Sante Fe Arts District, Rhino Arts District and Tennyson Arts District, and downtown Aurora Arts District in Denver. In addition to Denver, Heather’s work has been featured in Galleries in Kansas, Missouri, Chicago and Dallas. Her work is help in private collections around the world.

In 2015, Heather moved back to her hometown of Kansas City, Missouri and opened Paper Birch Landing Gallery in Midtown. An art gallery for all creative people, including visual artists, poets and musicians. She started continuing art education programs for children in Edgerton Kansas and Spring Hill Kansas, through Parks and Recreation. In addition to this, she is the arts education teacher with Northland Parks and Recreation and the Storytime Creations Teacher with We Rock the Spectrum. She teaches on going artist education career programs through her gallery and works with healing organizations throughout Kansas City.

Heather also runs art direction for local businesses such as the Garment House Makers Faire, Jensen Chiropractic, Spa on Penn, Opal and Orchid Hair Studio and KW Skyline Realty. She pairs with local businesses to give artists a place to show their work and to promote the small business locations here in Kansas City.

“We are stronger together. We are in competition with no one, but ourselves. Art should be a family, working together to bring all our voices to the world to be heard. The more we work together for the common good in the arts, the louder our voices are. Spread your love when you can and as often as you can! Let your voices be heard!”

Heather Collinsworth

Social Media Consultant:  Kristine Fotland


Kristine Fotland, grew up experiencing the healing power of the arts through her study of piano, voice, and woodwinds.  Kristine put aside music to pursue business and motherhood, and completed her Masters in Business Administration, amidst raising her four daughters and working full time.  Over the past 20 years, Kristine has pursued many channels of healing through the performing, creative, graphic, and healing arts.

Over the past 4 years, Kristine has combined her creative ability, her business sense, and her networking skills to master the ever-changing field of Social Media.  Kristine has also developed and maintained websites to deliver a creative, powerful, relevant, and inspiring end-user experience.

Kristine is the Founder, Owner, and Operator of The Warriors’ Purpose, LLC dba Warrior Bodywork and Massage, located here in the City of North Kansas City.  Kristine’s personal mission is to empower women and girls to achieve their dreams, rise above their past traumas, and focus on healing through creative channels, physical movement, mindfulness, personal mantras, and entrepreneurship.   The Semi-Colon Project, a global non-profit, is near and dear to her heart.  The movement is aimed to present hope and love to those who are struggling with depression, anxiety, suicide, addiction, and self-injury.  The semi-colon; the pause; serves as a reminder to all that “your story is not over”.

The values of NAC closely align with Kristine’s personal and professional values, making her a natural advocate and partner for our coalition.

Is there anything she can’t handle?
She’s been broken.
She’s been knocked down.
She’s been defeated.
She’s felt pain that most couldn’t handle.
She looks fear in the face; year after year, day after day, yet, she never runs.
She never hides.
She always finds a way to get back up.
She’s a Warr;or.
She’s unbreakable.
She’s you.

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